CAROL'S CAKE DESIGNS - A Sugar Art Studio:  Cake Decorating Classes & Cake Supplies

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Truffles - the fast and easy way, in this class I will show you the fastest way to make truffles, we will learn to melt chocolate, fill the truffle centers with a ganache and Recipes included.

Gumpaste flowers - this class will focus on how to make gumpaste flowers.  Some
flowers take longer to dry than others and sometimes need to dry overnight so the flower can be completed the next day.
  • roses
  • hydrangeas
  • orchids
  • stephanotis
  • tulips
  • daisies
  • poinsettia's
  • cala lily
  • and many more

French Macarons - in this class you will learn to make a true French Macaron using the actual recipe from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.  I will take you step by step and you will go home with fresh baked French Macaron's.  Recipe included.

Cake Pops - cakes on a stick, how to bake your pops in a variety of ways, dip in chocolate and decorate in a variety of ways.

Baskets with flowers and other goodies - in this class you will learn how to make a decorated basket for fall or spring.  Fall baskets will contain a pumpkin and fall flowers and foliage and spring baskets will be spring flowers.  They are so impressive you will want to make one for your Mom for mother's day and the fall basket will make a pretty centerpiece that won't die on you.

Bouquet of Buttercream Flower Cupcakes - you can WOW your friends and family with these edible blooming bouquets.  You'll learn how to create beautifully piped buttercream flowers on home-made cupcakes.  You'll take home 12 full sized cupcakes, 6 vanilla and 6 of another flavor (chocolate, red velvet, lemon etc.)

Patchwork cutters - say what??? Impress your friends and family using these detailed cutters . . . you'll never need to tell them just how quick and easy they are!

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